Only Jesus Satisfies

Lesson 2 – Only Jesus Satisfies

“This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him.”
John 2:11

Every person that has ever walked the earth has experienced an appetite. Defined as “a strong desire or liking for something”, this is a craving, longing, yearning, hankering, hunger, thirst, or passion for something or someone.

The Gospel Record of John brings us deeper and deeper into understanding the opening words of chapter one and verse sixteen, “of his fullness (Jesus) have all we received, and grace for grace.” At salvation each of us have tasted his grace, and as we continue through the gospel the apostle John sheds light on the fact that our natural earthly appetites for relationships, good times and celebration, religious activity, and the praise of people will never satisfy.

Only Jesus satisfies.

Only Jesus Can Make Your Marriage Satisfy (vs 1,2)

“And both Jesus was called, and his disciples to the marriage”
John 1:2

God has created humanity with a natural desire for relationships. He created man, and woman for each other. (Genesis 2:22)

Pew research study found that 44% of teenagers consider themselves to be in a romantic or dating relationship. The desire for romantic relationships begins at a young age. This is a natural appetite that God has placed in his creation, however it can quickly spiral out of control.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention statistics tells us that every 20 minutes people are victims of domestic violence. The American Psychological association reports more than 45% of marriages end in divorce. Though there are many factors that bring these causes about, at its core remains the relationship no longer satisfies.

So John chapter two begins with this admonition, invite Jesus into your marriage. It implies that just as you wouldn’t invite a complete stranger to your wedding, rather a trusted friend or family member, so should you know Jesus just the same before entering into a marriage relationship. Invite him into your

  • Family devotional life
  • Your family prayer life
  • Your daily conversation

Only Jesus can bring satisfaction to your marriage, it’s all a picture of him anyways. (Eph 5:21-31)

Only Jesus Can Make Your Celebrations Satisfy (vs  4-11)

“but thou hast kept the good wine until now.”
John 2:10

The word used here is oinos the only word used for wine in the New Testament. In the symbolism of the New Testament wine speaks of joy and exuberance. This is where the real meaning of the passage takes light.

We all desire for a good time, unfortunately the appetite for good times can spiral out of control. These desires can cause us to make terrible life altering decisions. Each of us has the beast of lust in us (1 John 2:16) that craves more and more of what this world has to offer. Alcoholism, substance abuse, gambling, prostitution, pornography are all results of insatiable cravings for more “good times.” Look at John 2:4-11 and see what Jesus can do with these desires.

  • 3 – They partygoers ran out of wine. What this world has to offer will always run out. (Prov 14:2)
  • 6 – Jesus had the servants use dirty water pots. No matter how many times the partygoers washed, the water in these pots would never keep them clean. (John 4:14)
  • 9 – The governor of the feast had sampled a great deal of wine in his lifetime, but never had he experienced anything quite like this. Vs. 10 “good wine”

“What Jesus did as Creator was short-cut the whole process – with a difference. This was good wine. Not just better than inferior wine, but good wine. A man could have drunk gallons of it and never have had a bad reaction. The new wine symbolized a new creation, “full of joy unspeakable” rich and full of glory.” This miracle was designed to display the Lord’s glory and convince his disciples that he was all he was and all he claimed to be.” –John Phillips

Only Jesus could have taken something that has the potential to destroy lives and used it to create life. Only Jesus could take something that has the ability to capture the minds and wills of humanity and use it to capture their minds and wills for His glory (Eph 5:18,19). Only Jesus could take something that quickly poisons the body and brings sickness and turn it into something that can be experienced forever and never loses its awe. (Rev 5:12)

Only Jesus Can Make Your Religion Satisfy

“make not my Father’s house an house of merchandise”
John 2:16

Passover was the pinnacle celebration of a nation brought out of Egyptian slavery. A time of celebrating was Jehovah God had done as each family traveled to the temple to offer sacrifices of thanksgiving to God.

Here we find moneychangers; evil men who were prostituting the temple and turning the worship of God into a business transaction. So is religious exercise without Jesus. Each of us would describe sexual intimacy with someone we do not know as prostitution; nothing more than a business transaction. The same could be said of religious ritual without worship is nothing more than a business transaction.

  • 14-16 – How often believers turn the awe-inspiring corporate worship of God into nothing more than a business transaction. We’ve done our duty, dropped our change in the plate, sang a hymn, and listened to a sermon, but never expected to meet with God.
  • 17 – reminds us that the OT prophesied of Jesus, and even more importantly Jesus was “zealous” for the house of God. So should we be as his followers.
  • Vs 18-22 – Reminds Christians what we are celebrating. We do not celebrate or worship a building; instead we worship the Christ of vs 22 “was risen from the dead…which Jesus had said.”

Only What Jesus Thinks of You Can Satisfy

“and needed not that any should testify of man; for he knew what was in man”
John 2:25

John chapter two ends in the most unusual way. Throughout this portion of scripture, miraculous things are happening, Jesus earthly ministry is beginning and people are beginning to get interested in Him. You could almost say he was becoming “famous”.

  • Vs 23 – Many saw his miracles and believed on his name
  • Vs 24 – Jesus didn’t commit himself to them; he didn’t become captivated by their interest in him.

Jesus as Creator knows man, and what is in the heart of man. (Jer 17:9)

Don’t become enslaved by others flattering words. Don’t bind your actions and behaviors by what others think of you, or how others will react. Do what is right, because Jesus already knows you. (vs.24 “because he knew all men”)

Your responsibility as a follower of Jesus Christ never needs to be based on whether other people are going to “testify” of it. (vs 25) Only what Jesus knows about you to be true is what can satisfy. You are a child of God, justified, sanctified, and counted righteous, not by your works but by the unending grace, and mercy of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Live each day with Jesus as the hub of your life, and the spokes of your relationships, your joy, your religion, and your worth all revolve around him. Only Jesus satisfies.

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